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Technical Features

▶It is mainly used for sawing all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, especially for sawing of aluminum rods.The machine tool has reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance and high precision. It is an ideal equipment for small and medium batch cutting.

▶Hydraulic double clamp design, hydraulic clamp feeding.

▶When the number of saws is reached or the workpiece is sawn, it stops automatically.

▶Saw bar break automatic stop device.

▶Fast feed device.

▶The working height can be adjusted as the size of the saw is cut.

▶Sawing length setting digital display table, minimum setting scale 0.1mm

▶The small material can be sawed in bundles, and the production efficiency is high, and the sawing efficiency is doubled compared with similar products.

Technical Parameters

Product numberGZ33
Sawing ability(mm)●330   320×110
Band saw blade line speed(m/min)23/41/56/70
Band saw blade specifications(mm)4115×34×1.1
main motor power(kw)4