how the saw bed works

2021-03-18 17:07

hydraulic transmission system by the pump, valve, cylinder, tank, pipeline and other meta-accessories composed of hydraulic circuit, under electrical control to complete the rise and fall of the saw beam, the clamping of the workpiece. through the speed control valve can implement the feed speed of the stepless speed, to achieve the need for different materials of the workpiece sawing. the electrical control system consists of electrical box, control box, terminal box, travel switch, electromagnet, etc. control circuit, which is used to control the swing of the saw blade, the rise and fall of the saw beam, the clamping of the workpiece, etc., so that it can achieve normal cutting cycle according to certain working procedures.

the lubrication system must be driven by the machine lubrication site (wire brush shaft, worm wheel box, active housing, worm bearing, lift cylinder upper and lower shaft, active tiger pliers sliding surface clamping wire rod) requirements for refueling. worm wheel in the worm box, worm using the 30 oil bath lubrication, by the upper part of the worm box oil plug hole injection, the box fairy surface with oil mark, when the saw beam is located in the lowest position, the oil surface should be located between the upper and lower limits of the oil mark. after a month of trial should change oil, after every 3-6 months oil change 1 time, the lower part of the worm tank with oil plug.

the saw blade drives the motor mounted on the worm wheel box through the belt wheel, triangular tape drives the worm and worm wheel in the worm wheel box, drives the active wheel rotation, and then drives the cutting swing motion around the saw blade on the active/passive rim. saw blade feed motion a hydraulic circulation system consisting of a lift cylinder and a speed control valve that controls the feed (stepless speed control) movement of the saw blade by controlling the falling speed of the saw blade. the saw brush rotates where the saw blade is out of the chip, and rotates in the direction of the saw blade, and is cleaned by a cooling pump for coolant to remove the chips from the serrated teeth. the coolant is in the cooling cutting tank on the right side of the base and is driven directly by the water pump to supply the coolant.

press the stop (stop) button, rotate clockwise, the oil pump motor works, the gear pump works, the fluid enters the line through the filter, and the overflow valve adjusts the operating pressure of the system to meet the requirements. instead the button presses inward and all motors stop working. workpiece clamping press clamp button, solenoid valve work, hydraulic oil into the left side of the cylinder, right hydraulic oil back to the tank, left clamping to the workpiece clamping.

saw beam drop press press clamps, hydraulic oil through the solenoid valve into the lift cylinder has a rod cavity; saw beam quick drop press down button, hydraulic work through the solenoid valve, oil into the lift cylinder has a rod cavity, rodless cavity oil through the solenoid valve back to the tank. saw beam rise press the rising button, hydraulic oil through the solenoid valve into the lift cylinder of the rodless cavity; the workpiece release press the pliers button, hydraulic oil through the solenoid valve into the right side of the clamping cylinder;

the analog input and output module of the system makes the monitoring of the sawing process have a wide range of significance, such as: the sawing machine can adjust the sawing speed adaptively as long as it increases the feedback of the saw blade deformation. by adding servo valves, the speed and position control of the sawing process can be optimized. the management function of the system makes the management of materials and workpieces more convenient. the system's chinese interface and real-time graphical status display make the operation more friendly and intuitive.