Selection criteria: focus on morality, both ability and political integrity

The principle of employing people: knowing how to make good use of others, and adapting them to suit them;

Basic requirements for employee literacy: integrity, reflection, eagerness, and progress

Employee pursuit: strong fitness, tempering will, stimulating potential, establishing correct value system, thinking and behavior model, creating brilliant career and healthy and rich life

Ways of doing things: full control, stage evaluation, results and process.

Do things style: words must be done, must be fruit, fruit must be excellent; do not shirk, do not drag, not speculation

The company's management philosophy: use the right people, to the right place, at the right time, in the right way, to do the right thing, to get things done - to establish an automatic success mechanism for employees and businesses

Employee professional ethics: dedication, loyalty, initiative, responsibility, integrity, hard work Let the benevolent have a broad space; the enabler has his or her position; let the diligent have a good return; let the benevolence, energy, and diligence become leaders. Make employees feel happy and satisfied in both things and hearts. Satisfied in material, trusted in the mind, and self-growth to achieve self-worth. Make every employee feel happy and fulfilling.

We trust every employee and believe that any employee has the potential to be tapped. We always pay attention to the growth of our employees, keep abreast of the needs of our employees, provide targeted training for our employees, and continually motivate our employees.