The logo color of Angz is mainly blue and red. The color of blue is the color of our company's products. It is the symbol of our company's endless productivity. At the same time, it is the color of the sea. It symbolizes the company's sailing and sailing. spirit. Red represents enthusiasm and hope, and reflects the blue around. The shape of the logo is a serrated, consistent with the type and direction of production of our products. Inside the ring sawtooth is the combination of Czech “Pilous-TMJ” and our company's original name “Yuanda Pinyin”, which means that our company has technical cooperation with Czech companies. Below is the Chinese of Yuanda Sawing Machine.

The ring formed by the sawtooth belt forms a rolling forward trend. For example, the power that is coming forward is pushing forward. It is a symbol of the unity of the production management team of our company, and it is the symbol of the imposing momentum, which promotes the stable development of the Angsaw saw industry.